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Suggested Power Cable for Streamer
I have the NRG Custom "The Five"; maybe feed your PSM156 with it from the wall, and maybe consider Triode Wire Labs "American Digital II" PC for your Zenith. I have this set-up, very good  
Neat "Tweaks" to improve the SQ of your streamed music!!!
I've recently bought an ifi LAN iSilencer, used between router and Netgear switch, which feeds my Network Acoustic ENO filter -> streamer. For £89, it made a nice incremental improvement, similar to your descriptions. I'll be swapping out the ... 
Update on good Ethernet switch
I’ve been tossing the idea around for a while of a LHY SW8, but was going to upgrade my streamer first. But with funds not yet available for this, I pushed the button on the LHY. Stupidly, I forgot about the Chinese New Year Celebrations, and ord... 
When you can't unhear !
I've just had a similar experience to OP My "current" DAC is the Cen Grand DSDAC 1.0 Super Clock, which is a fine DAC, absolutely nothing wrong with it but ..... I've had an itch to re-try R2R DACs again. I had the Ares II about 2yrs ago or so b... 
on the cheap
I second audiophile1; the Wiim pro +. My friend installed one in his budget system before Christmas and it sounds absolutely great, especially for the money 👍 No CD storage though (as far as I'm aware)  
Sound and Music
I will admit to falling into the "trap" you've highlighted. After a long hiatus, I re-started my HiFi hobby; with all the new technological and evolutionary developments in gear since I last dabbled (some 25yrs ago), I was like a kid in a sweetsho... 
Here's to the temperate, the gentle, the moderates in audio
Another guy I enjoy is Simon of 13th Note HiFi  
Here's to the temperate, the gentle, the moderates in audio
+1 @hilde45  Nice thread. I enjoy all the YTubers mentioned, for the very reasons you've highlighted. I have my favourites; Tarun, Harvey Lovegrove, Steve Guttenberg, Jay's Iyagi, Thomas &, Stereo (love Thomas's demeanor and delivery, makes m... 
Qobuz Issues?
@mhwilliford  Happy Days! Glad you're all sorted and back in action 👍  
Qobuz Issues?
I was finally able to login to the Qobuz app again, but not through Sense. I had to uninstall Sense, access the Zen Mini via web (my.innos.com) and was able to log in to Qobuz again. I then reinstalled Sense, 30 mins to re-update my Qobuz library ... 
Qobuz Issues?
I still can't login via Sense, the Qobuz app throws an error up when trying to login. I can access my account via www. but nothing else  
Qobuz Issues?
From what I can make out over on Reddit, N.America seems to be fine; it's the UK and Western Europe that's gone down. Oh well, Radio Paradise, here we come 🥳 could be worse  
Qobuz Issues?
@jbuhl thanks for the heads-up re: reddit; at least it's nothing wrong my end👍  
Qobuz Issues?
Yep, lost connection via Innuos Sense, and can't reconnect/log-in 🤔😩  
Upgrade from Innuos Zen Mini Mkiii to Innuos Pulse
@cosmic_charlie Thank you; it really does help. If the jump from the Zen to Pulse was that good, I can't imagine the jump from Zen mini to be any less an improvement. My system is streaming only also, so yep I agree, getting the front end/streame...