Network/Ethernet Improvements Suggestions

Hi guys,

I've been thinking about upgrading my streamer (Innuos Zen Mini mkiii w/Innuos PSU), but was thinking I could, maybe should look at/take care of the network side of things first.

At the moment, my streamer is fed as follows;

  • ISP Modem -> TP Link Archer Router
  • Router -> Cat 6 shielded ethernet from living room into listening room
  • Cat 6 -> TP Link media converters, Ethernet -> Optical -> Ethernet (2nd converter powered by an ifi Power 2 plug)
  • DH Labs Ethernet Cable to regular consumer network switch w/ifi Power 2 plug (suggested by the chap at Network Acoustics whose name escapes me)
  • Network switch to Network Acoustics Eno, fed by Network Acoustics ethernet cable
  • Network Acoustics Eno to Innuos Zen Mini mkiii

My first instinct is to swap out the regular consumer switch for something like the LHY-SW8 switch, but any suggestions to the contrary, or additional measures would be welcome.Β 

Thanks guys πŸ‘


Thanks for all the advice guys, much appreciated πŸ‘

Streamer it is, I'm convinced after removing the media converters

To close the loop, now cascading two Cisco 2960 boxes with SFP fiber in between. A short one foot ethernet to streamer. New ballgame, far superior to fiber on with FMCs.Β 

Takes a high end system it to an entirely new level. It’s really astonishing.

Anyone hearing my system prior and now would have no idea how.