networked ICs

bass response on networked speaker cables is consistently more deep / impactful than non-networked cables.

is the same true for interconnects? i.e. how is the bass response of transparent / MIT ICs vs their non-networked competition?

I have always preferred MITs to other cables in my system - although I have to admit that sometimes the differences are so small I am not sure I could pick them out in a blind test. I find not only their bass to be just right but the mids and highs too.
NME. Networks typically alter the highs resulting in smearing of the soundstage. YMMV.
Rch10: I put a pair of my MITs on an impedance analyzer and the bandwidth was superior to all amps I have ever tested. I don't where your information came from but as far as I am concerned, it is totally wrong.

I cracked open a pair of MIT T3 interconnect's and the box was literally empty,I then cracked open the speaker cables and was happy to find a nice bit of components inside.
My T2 interconnects have essentially zobel networks in them. I never opened my speaker cable boxes but they are probably similar.

I would say that lesser MIT models are conventional indeed. Lord knows that most companies charge lots more money just for that!