New 2011 Sonus Faber Speakers?

When SF introduced the Fenice last summer, the CEO said there would be another new speaker unveiled last year (Futura) and three new speakers this year.

Does anyone know what this year's models will be?
Something's up. The lower priced models are on sale. I would be interested in some new, moderately priced models. Smaller floor standers ? Larger stand mounted?
I think the next model will be Guaraneri Futura, but I'm not sure. Very curious though.

It the Amati Futura also has a mini site, they look great!. I believe they are 35k :(.
Level8skier, let's hope that SF decides NOT to cheapen out again and this time brings a great speaker to market in the Guarneri Futura..:0)
I too am very curious.
I'm intrigued by the aluminum top and base plates connected by the rod. Maybe SF can do what Magico is doing, but using some wood to warm the sound. Maybe it will even be better.

I'll find out at SSI when I hear the Futuras.

don't hold back now. Keep it going. Please continue to educate us about how the current Mementos are cheaper version of the older speakers.

Please don't forget to update members of on your findings. I can see that they were very appreciative of your comments.