New Acoustic Zen Double Barrel speaker cable

Has anybody tried AZ's new Double Barrel speaker cable? I'm curious how it compares to their Satori Shotgun, especially on B&W Nautilus 801s with Krell electronics. Thanks.
The "Double Barrel" uses a Satori for the mid/high cable and a Hologram mkII for the bass cable. Apparently some minor modifications are made to optimize each cable for its frequency range.

Also available is a "Hologram mkII custom shotgun" which uses Hologram mkII for both the mid/high and bass cables. Interestingly, the mid/high cable gets some 7n zero crystal silver added to the mix! It is available with combined (for biwire) or separated (for biamp) connections on the amp end. This cable isn't listed on the Acoustic Zen website but is advertised by I have a pair on the way for biamp use with VMPS RM/X and JRDG 302/4.