New AudioQuest line

I am wondering about the new AudioQuest interconnects and speaker cable products. So far, I have only heard 2 or 3 of the new cables. They seem to be a good bit stiffer, and now feature updated cosmetics(guess someone out there worries about that stuff). While I thought they were pretty good, I wonder about how much of a step up from their old line they are. It seems the prices have taken quite a step up(surprise???). The CV-4, which they are really pushing hard(and says trumps a cable of their older line, which was 3X more expensive - Crystal or Midnight???), didn't sound as good to me as I recall Midnight. But it's been a few years since my last go around with Midnight... Does anyone have experience with the new line? If so, what do you think of these products? Are they very much better? Thanks for your opinions.
Hey trel. I just got a pair of Diamond3 interconnects. Ouch. At half price, they're still too expensive. I think I will be keeping them, however. The Diamond3 improves on the bass speed and power of the Lapis3. I wish I had another pair of Diamond, so I could get try the system with Lapis or Diamond throughout the system. The Lapis is much more organic and focused and natural sounding as compared to my last copper job, the TARA Labs Master gen 2(on sale now). But the Tara has sounded better than the Lapis in friends' sustems, so obviously, YMMV. IF you get bored, and you are pretty sure you want to buy something, anything (practically) within the next few months, audition some cables from the "library" - The Cable Company! I've never purchased anything from them, but they have been kind and helpful. I'm sorry that I dont know anything good about the new AQ products. I DO know that now is the time to search for coveted items in AQ's discontinued, older product lines. You might lika da silver, heh???
whoops. As you probably know, the cable Co. charges a deposit (not refundable) for auditioning their products in home, but you can apply that $ toward any future purchases. And they have Used cables, too. So, if you're pretty convinced that you might be in the market, have them send you 3 or 4 pairs to compare. Maybe you order a set, maybe you dont. I wish I could offer more information on the new cables.
How's it going Gthirteen? Thanks for your opinions. I have been a pretty big fan of the old AQ line, as you know from our dealings. Glad to know you are enjoying the Diamond. As you know, we are both big proponents of silver. I cut my teeth with silver on AudioQuest Lapis and Kimber KCAG. Yes, The Cable Company is very good. I am quite familiar with them, as they are a local company(Philadelphia area). Dealt with them a great deal a LONG time ago(10 years). Good guys there. Bob Stein(???pardon me for my lack of total recall on his name), the owner has done as much to bring wire to the forefront of this industry as anyone. He does a yeoman's job of educating people by letting them see(actually hear) things for themselves. Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Holidays to you, too! (Is the Homegrown Super Silver better than your recollection of Lapis??)-I noticed your other thread.
I would not say it is better. I am kind of funny about cable. I have only have one cable ever "blow me out of the water", and that is one I am listening to now. I am not sure as to the equipment in your system. But, I think the question comes down to the AudioQuest vs. Kimber preference. In most systems, I believe AQ to be more suitable(evenhanded). I think it tends to do less wrong, for most people. However, when Kimber works for someone(usually laid back systems, not prone to brightness, etc.), Kimber usually gets the nod. So, if Kimber is no good in your system, I doubt HomeGrown is for you. But, if you don't know, try it. At $70, it is an ABSOLUTE steal, cheaper than Kimber PBJ. Like getting a BMW for the price of a Honda Civic.