New Ayre "Evolution" Upgrade?

Have any of you had this done, and if so, what did you think of it? Apparently, this latest upgrade changes tyhe models from V-1x/V-5x,K-1x etc., to V-1xe/V-5xe and so on.
thanks - Art
Art, I just had my D-1x upgraded and purchased the evolution K-5x and V-5x. Previously I had the "regular" K-5x/V-5x combo (long story) so I am familar with the sound. In a word, the evolution upgrade is "mind-blowing" (I guess that is two words). Not sure what magic the "e" upgrade employs but the difference is huge. I cannot think of a better use for your money than to either upgrade your current Ayre products or buy them new. Rumor has it one of the major mags is doing a before and after review of the D-1x/K-1x/V-1x that will confirm the above.