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Quick question.  I have a Cary Audio CDP 1 cd player that is about 10-12 years old.  Still works and sounds good.  Being that is a bit dated, I thought about the new Marantz CD 60 cd player.  Any thoughts on how that might compare to the Cary and would it be an upgrade.

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@jasonbourne71 : your $16.54 (sixteen something American dollars) eBay “cd player” cannot possibly have tubes output stage. So how can you possibly know? Is it from circa 1975 experience working as a “high end” audio seller? I think you just stick to spending your (what’s left) social security money on big boobs

Thanks for the reply.  This Cary cd player I own, CDP 1, is a solid state piece.  It is the non-tube version of the 300/300 I believe.   

You might be hard pressed to hear any difference.

Only you can determine what features are important.

All CD players sound the same 🤦‍♂️😳. Digital. Zeroes and ones . It either works, or it doesn’t (no sound). Nothing in between 🤷‍♂️