New DAC with streamer

Hi I'm looking for a DAC to replace a modified PS Audio DirectStream MK1.

I currently use MConnect on a Samsung S20 phone to stream Qobuz.  The preamp is a Spectral DMC-30SV and the amps are Spectral DMA-400 monoblocs.  Speakers are EgglestonWorks Rosa.  


My choice for a new DAC is the Bricasti M21.  It has a built-in streamer for ethernet, and gives you the choice of playing music using a ladder dac, delta sigma dac or 1-bit DSD.


Let me know your thoughts, if you have any experience with Bricasti and if it is worth the price at about $16K.



I have a PS Audio DSD Mk1 and ditched the card for a separate PS Audi AirLens Streamer. Night and day difference.  The card was a pain in the arse- dropping signal and needing to be rebooted all the time. Plus the sound sucked on almost all music. I really like the SP Audio DAC so I threw the dice and bought their new streamer- game changer for sure!  I'm not in a hurry to upgrade my digital front end yet as Moors Law tells me that in 2 years the product offerings will be 2x better and 2x cheaper. 

Now if you have the itch to buy something with some money to burn and don't care about the deprecation buy the Bricasti. 

markmuse, I've been tossing around the idea of either a DSD MK1 or MK2.  I expect the asking price for the older model to drop considerably, esp. after the positive MK2 review in TAS.  In your experience, is there a  significant difference in sonics, build quality, or anything else that would suggest going for the newer model?

The PSAudio DirectStream DAC Mk 2 is significantly better than the Mk 1, and about half the price of the Bricasti. If you go with PSA you can probably trade in your Mk 1 and/or maybe get an AirLens too in a package deal. Future developments for DACs and for streamers are almost certain, so be forward-looking and stick with separates and shop them separately (More fun, too)..


I think Condosound has your answer. For me, the only drawback with the Airlens is the lack of dedicated software. Roon would be a good solution.

I just recently purchased and have been using for the past 3 weeks a Bricasti M1 SE with network card with Qobuz and Audirvana. Very pleased, also helped by a GREAT deal!  Enjoy