New expensive power cord for amp and no change in sound?

I bought new an expensive(for me) well known and reviewed power cord for my very good amp and plugged it directly onto the wall socket. After a couple of weeks of daily use I hear no change in the sound quality from a $500 cord. I don’t want to name it for fear of getting my thread deleted. You would know it or at least be aware of the company. Did I throw away several thousand dollars? Before I get the snake oil answer I want to let you know that I bought an upgraded cord for my pre as suggested by the pre’s manufacturer and am pleased with the results.

I guess for full disclosure the amp’s manufacturer said don’t bother. But I had had good luck with the pre so I thought it would be a good idea.

Anybody else have this happen to them?


And…no placebo here. I’ve gone thru enough power cables, cheap and expensive , with both good and bad results to know these cables matter. Take it for what it’s worth. My experience. My ears. 

Obviously synergy plays into the selection of the right power cord.  Any cheaper cables that you did like?

The price tag does not always reflect performance. If this is a major brand cord then more than half of the selling price can be dealer and distributor markup and the rest of the cord could be sourced from major manufacturers such as Belkin or Eaton (who make excellent stuff to begin with). Put it in a fancy package and it's sold as "audiophile". As with everything... there's no shame if you don't hear a difference.

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Now that we have solved the power cord dilemma, let’s discuss something less “climate change “.