New filter/regenerator

I am interested in the Shunyata Hydra 6 versus the Equitech line. I use a Ars Filharmonia tube amp with 15 amp plug as well as digital front end. What do you kind folks recommend? Can I use a 20 amp based unit still?
Nsgarch, you have educated us on this topic and I thank you. I have to admit complete ignorance when posting this thread.
I have exactly the same amp as you. I was going through tubes at an alarming rate and read something about high voltage and shortened tube life. On a whim I measured the output at the wall, 129V.

Whether that is problematic to equipment is open to debate I suppose, but I didn't see how it could be a good thing and went looking for something offering voltage regulation.

After discussing with my dealer, (Jeffrey Catalano, Highwater sound, great guy) he recommended a Furman SPR-20i which he uses himself and has sold to many customers. I'm very happy with it. Jeffrey strikes me as a music first guy and not a hi-fi for hi-fi's sake person and the Furman services the music very well. Also, it's a 20A unit but functions fine on a 15 amp line.

Highly recommended. Good luck in your searching.

Nsgarch, how do you feel about isolation transformers or power converters all with regulation built into them. I have a couple of Kleen Line transformer from Electronic Specialists and they have been working great. This was suggested to me by another audiophile who has been doing electronics for 25 years or more. I use the KLR series transformers. This same audiphile also uses the EP15. I was surprised that the amps were not robbed of transient dynamics and even more surprised how much better the cdp sounded through the transformer. Obviously I hide these units due to the fact they are not audiophilish. Plasma tv's also love these. A pretty box with an IEC would be nice.
JP: As I mentioned earlier (I think ;-) an isolation x-fmr + a voltage regulator is really all many people need, assuming their power isn't dirty (noise) and the sinusoidal wave shape is good ('perfect' is probably asking too much ;-) Elec. Specialists make several kinds/combos of products, and their isolation + voltage regulation units would fill that bill. I would not recommend their products that also include passive filtering/conditioning because as I already mentioned, passive conditioning is not IMO a valid option for audio power conditioning. BTW, I think Richard Gray makes a line of audio-quality isolation transformers.

A regenerator will do it all, EXCEPT for isolation. And to be honest, the last time I used an isolation transformer was about 40 years ago in Los Angeles where I can't recall seeing any lightening in all the years I lived there. I have no doubt they work, and due to the hysteresis effect (magnetic 'lag') of the iron core, provide some smoothing of the AC waveform if it's jagged -- but again, a regenerator will do a better job with that too.