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RMAF - Loudspeakers that you don't want to miss
Quality issues with Tekton speakers....
Sebrof, so easy to say when it's not your money or speakers. If an ID brand wants to believe they can hang with the big boys then they need to pay attention so they don't get slapped around on public forums. 
Quality issues with Tekton speakers....
Audiofreak, I had a similar situation with another ID brand and feel for you. Bad quality, lack of communication, delays in delivery, and overall just bad customer service. Speakers showed up with defects and separate stands were broken after wait... 
Earliest "MOST WANTED" gear
Sansui 9090db with the very cool lights and dual watt meter, JBL 4312 monitors. Don't remember the players too much, Yamaha,Marantz etc... 
Favorite Subwoofer
Azjake, that sounds like a stunning combination! 
Any one here heard the Bmi Oceanic Statement?
I haven't thought about changing power cords again after installing the BMI's. Flat out great power cords! 
3 speaker cable options - what to choose?
You made a good choice! 
Martin Logan's subwoofers: BALANCEDFORCE 212?
JL Audio 
Topnotch BluRay Concert.....
Need to add Black Sabbath " Gathered In Their Masses". Excellent sound and video. Drums are very clean with tons of slam. The drum solo is great for showing off the subs. 
Power Cords: A Skeptic Looking to Dabble...
The power cord has made more of an improvement in my system than any other cable. $150 power cords made little improvements. I bought a BMI HH5 power cord and was stunned. There wasn't a doubt for a second at that point what really well made power... 
Theaudiotweak, I think your right! 
Your top 3 worst purchases ever
Vapor Audio Cirrus 
What Product Did You Overspend On?
A pair of Vapor Audio Cirrus! 
What is the best subwoofer you have ever heard?
See if you can demo some JL Audio and Velodyne subs. F113's, Gotham, DD18 plus or 1812. Very impressive. 
Neil Young - Individual Blu Ray releases
Try this link to the blu-ray releases.