New frames and bases for my magnapan MG1 improvede

I had a friend build me some new frames for my MG1's  after I knocked one over and broke it.

He used an African wood called Sepele from the Congo. It is real light-all most white when raw but the longer you let it sit in the sun the darker it gets.

I left mine in the sun for about 4 hours and it really brought out the grain and looks great I think I will set them out for a few more hours and see what they turn out will have to watch it so it doesn't get to dark.

My camera really didn't do them justice but it is all I have.

I also had new Granit bases made for them and they look really good. I am very pleased with how they turned out and hope you like them.

I would like to add some pictures but don't see any way to do it.