New Hobby Ultrasonic Record Cleaning

Purchased a cheap $199.00 stainless steel digital ultrasonic cleaner with a very nice record cleaning attachment off Amazon and I am having a blast.

This thing is heated, has a timer and an electric motor to rotate the records in the US tank. It is a 6L unit and it is made in China. Seems well built and it cleans records like a much more expensive machine.

I have cleaned a half dozen albums that are 40 plus years old and have only been cleaned with vacuuming machines and this thing is great. The albums I have cleaned sound darn near new and my wife thought I bought another new cartridge or phono pre-amp.

Can not recommend this type of cleaning system enough.

Rediscover those old albums.. if this thing lasts a couple of years I will be a happy dude. 
It's all good pal. I was just trying to be hilarious like MC and the result was the same. Sorry bud.

Nothing to speak of. Was missing one adjusting bolt for the record carriage and I have metric and SAE hardware out the butt in my shop.

Very well constructed and even if the tank wears out in 2 years can buy a stand alone tank for even less $136.00

The unit shipped from Houston and I had it in 2 days I am in Dallas.

And it looks like they have more stock.

I get it and I live in Dallas so some days it is well over 100F in my shop. 

All good. 
Kudos on the good post. But don’t start the descendant game. My son did his astrophysics in 5.5 years @ the second biggest school in the Midwest and now he’s helping his podner get hers in brain research at Northwestern.