New Hugh Masekela Reissue Is Outstanding

From 1972, "Home Is Where The Music Is." I've wanted this on CD for decades. The recording is high quality as was the original LP. The reissue has all the original artwork of african paintings.
Thanks Larryken. I listened to samples of it. Sounds great. I don't have any of his stuff. Ordered it.
You should also check out Hope. Incredibly well recorded. Really shows off a good system.
Haven't heard "Home.....", but "Hope" is a gem. And it's available is lots of hi-def formats like SACD and 45 rpm vinyl.


Frankly "Home" is poorly played, produced, arranged, and the recording is nothing to write home about either. IMHO
Larryken, I must take back my comments on "Home Is Where the Music Is." I took another listen tonight, and since reconfiguring my system I can now hear more of what you referred to in your original post. There is a "rawness" and soul in the performance of this recording I could not hear before that I hear now. Kudos...