New In 2020

Happy New Year!  feel free to cite new boxed sets, re-issues and release from any genre of Music.

You bet.  I am looking forward in reading your Best of 2020 thread as well.

Happy Listening!
David Bowie- "Changesnowbowie"
primarily acoustic BBC recording from 1997 to be released on record store day April 18th (which happens also to be what would have been Bowie's 73rd birthday).
I stand corrected. Today, Jan. 8th, is actually what would have been Bowie's 73rd birthday. Hence the announcement of a new release.
Bought lots this. Year

all new releases:

diamond head

hell, brain fart, stack of discs, 16 molson Canadians make me not remember.
if remember the morrow ill09#t em here

thanks mna,
bed in 15 min, busy the morrow
derby car race w cub scouts for son, basketball game and MMA class. 
Orange belt in shotokan karate, next year the Muay Thai classes start., and Jiu Jitsu.   

Spinning ambit, barelynhangin on watching slap shot.


ill post the other purchases the morrow.
if I remember
Hel”, here’s the list past month...

heavy load death or glory
angel witch
drivin n cryin
life of agony
sacred reich 
possessed revelations of obvilian
saint citus

plus 3 not. Yet here from cdjapan.
The music of Wayne Shorter
Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis