New In 2024

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When I see the title of a thread, "new in 2024", I will only list actual new music.

No reissues, archival material, etc.

Too much great new music to keep up with, to spend time and money on endless reissues.

Mary Halvorson - Cloudward / brand new release by this very creative jazz guitarist. A little bit more contemplative than 2023’s Amerylis, but no less intriguing. Amarylis was my favorite jazz release of 2023, Cloudward has a quick start as my favorite of 2024.

Everything Oscillating — The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are / Instrumental prog/fusion trio from Seattle. Touches of math-rock, and 80’s King Crimson.

Semiramis - La Fine Non Esiste / So, to try to make a long story short, in the 70’s, Italy produced some prog as good as many of their Brit counterparts (Yes, Genesis, etc), but of course, singing in Italian held them back. But make no mistake, these bands were musically world class. Some of these bands, were only able to produce 1 album, then broke up. Semiramis was one such band. They were all in their teens in ’73 when they released their album, Dedicata A Frazz. Now, in 2024, after reforming for some live gigs, they recorded this album of new material. Don’t expect any surprises, just beautiful, energetic (retro) prog, played with great musicianship.

Luz de Riada - Rizoma / From Mexico, a bit of an avant-prog feel on this, with Mexican folk melodies, and a bit of ’80 King Crimson sneaking in.

Rob Mazurek Exploding Star Orchestra - Spectral Fiction /. pretty avant-garde jazz, but still kind of approachable.