New Krell s300i vs. the older 400/300

I see that Krell has snuck in a replacement for the 400xi.
I know that there has always been debates over these
int amps.

Nothing on the Krell website yet. I have seen the specs and it looks like a good product. I have used a 400xi before and really liked it. My only complaint that it seemed hard to get the right sound at lower listening levels. No problem when you wanted to crank it up. I used different speakers.

Just curious if any Agoner's have used the new int amp.
Maybe I may look at the older 300xi. It seems that this is the sleeper.

Any opinions on the two different 300's from Krell would be helpful.
I have a S300i which replaced my 400xi. As the unit has broken in it's capabilities have become clear. It is definately superior to the 400xi and the older 300i. The S300i is more open, focused and holographic. Dynamic gradations are more pronounced with a wonderfully vibrant and fleshed out midband. Bass is as killer as ever. Neutrality is the rule here vs the 400xi's warmer take on things (the 300i was quite fat and overly ripe). The S300i uses an evolution based class A preamp stage combined with a higher current/wider bandwidth designed output stage. The new toroidal is encased for greater isolation..a nice touch. The remote is massive and fully functional. The bottom line is that if you have heard the new evolution gear and wished you could afford that sound, you will get a very large serving of that sound with the S300i. In fact, in a system with 89db or higher efficiency speakers, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference. All you need is a great CDP and some equally great cables and you have will have a state of the art system:)

I bought Dave_b's 400xi and I also have listened to the
S300I at a local dealer. While I agree the S300I is more
articulate it is also a bit colder sounding. Bass on
the S300I is tighter too but I prefer the 400xi's slightly
looser bass as I think it allows the speakers to "let go"
a bit more.

The S300I has much better aesthetics and a far nicer
remote as well but for now I prefer the warmer sound of
the 400xi. In fact this is the warmest Integrated Amp
I have owned. Much warmer than the Classe' Audio separates
that I used to own. I can definitely see how people
would prefer the S300I over the 400xi. It's more refined
from top to bottom. It really depends on your preferences.

For me and my tastes, I prefer the 400xi.
I agree with Tom92602...nice to here you are enjoying it as much as I did:)
Update...I had a problem with my S300i and Krell took care of it asap. It sounds even more remarkable now that it is fixed....really remarkable:)
Dave, what problem did you have with your S300i as I'm also considering buying one? Did you notice any difference with the 50 watt reduction in power from the 400xi.
Somehow a ground connection came loose (shipping?) so it would lock up from static discharge. Simple fix. As for power, the new S300i plays with more command of the loudspeaker...does 435/4ohm dynamic peak power before current limiting. In effect, it's more robust than the 400xi due to higher current delivery:)
Hi Dave,

How does it have a higher current delivery from a smaller transformer and smaller caps?

I don't get it.
First of all, the transformer is the same at 750VA (there was some rounding off of values in some of the earlier Krell literature, but it has always been 750VA). The internal layout is a virtual dual mono design, with each channel seperated with dedicated heat sinks and localised power supplies (large caps)..I believe it's two per channel. The preamp stage is an evolution based class A design, not just an overglorified volume attenuater like before. The wiring is much more substantial as well. The power delivery noted in the HiFiNews article indicates a far more capable integrated amp vs it's predecessor. Call Krell for more insight
What would be a good price on the new Krell 300i unit, or are they going for close to list?
I love my 400Xi.
Bought it new in the box for 1600.00 a month ago.
After prolonged listening, I decided to sell the S300i and buy one of the last 400xi's for sale. The 400xi is warmer and more musical overall. The S300i was just a bit too cool and forward for my tastes.
Interesting results Dave. I was a bit surprised when I read you sold the 400 for the 300 because, as I recall, you sold an evo rig for the 400 and the 300 is supposed to be more like the evo gear, from what I read.