New Laminar Streamer from Lessloss

New digital streamer from Lessloss. It doesn't have a DAC , just a transport for PCM data files, no DSD.
rub your eyes again, make no mistake, anyone going to buy? 
have anyone realize or check their website how much they are on sale? this is the magic numbers $91181

Hopefully for those whom purchased it, you won't be just sitting and hearing to an awesome out-of-the-world experience. but also greeting, hugging, dancing with artistes & bands in an truly ALIVE venue where everything have surpass your imagination, believing history is in the making.

And for once, audiophiles all over the world whom have heard it, will jointly agree in a single voice this is the ultimate audio nirvana we're seeking. no more equipment upgrades, no more different opinions how sound should be, no more searching for the truth in music because HEARING IS BELIEVING.