New Lowther whizzer cone design.

I visited the Lowther America website today, and what did I see there? The announcement of a re-designed whizzer cone on all new Lowther drivers effective immediately. The new whizzer cone has a rolled edge that eliminates the unsupported paper edge of the previous design. This supposedly cures the "Lowther Shout" as some called the midrange peak created by the whizzer cone edge vibrations. This seems very promising and shows that Lowther is taking the steps to improve an already great driver(albeit with a few shortcomings). The competitions in the single driver arena is heating up with AER, REPS, Jordan, LOTH-X, Moth, Fostex, Supraphon, Diatone, Pioneer,etc. vying for market share. Maybe this is forcing Lowther to do what they should have done years ago, but had no pressure to improve when they were almost the only game in town. I would be interested to hear if anyone has heard these new Lowthers with the improved whizzer cone. If it really does cure the "shout" then the Lowthers are really a force to be reckoned with.
Nice thing about this is that it eliminates crossovers completely. Could be better than going active. If you get a chance to hear them please post the results.
Another new thing I saw was the addition of the "Big Fun Horn". A back horn loaded design with a corner load into the room. The specs show a flat response to 32Hz. The reviewer said it was so efficient that he drove it to ear-covering volume levels with the headphone output from a Walkman! No other amp inline! All mids and highs are direct radiating from the very natural and detailed Lowther driver. Only the bass is horn augmented on the back wave of the driver. 32Hz at over 100db with one watt! And people said you couldn't get bass from Lowthers/SET's.
I have the new EX-3 in a Lamhorn cabinet. Oh so nice. Better than the old style PM-7A they replaced. They are still breaking in but they are smoother in spite of having more high frequency output . I really can't say if it is the new whizzer, the new style phase plug, or the EX design. Whatever it is, I think I have finally found a speaker I can live with in the long term.

Do yourself a favor and find a pair to audition.
Herman, you can bet I will, but in the meantime, you have provided me with some very valuable information that will help me make my decision. Thank you.