New Maplenoll Ariadne owner needing advice

I have recently purchased a maplenoll ariadne. I have tried to learn a little about the table but find very little information. I know the table was discontinued in the 90's but the little i have found indicated it is a very good table. I am interested to learn if there are any tricks or problems to optimizing this table. As most of you probably know, it is an air bearing platter and tonearm. I plan on putting my zxy airy 3 on the arm once I get it set up.
original owners manual....i have an original owners manual if your my old system i had 2 maplenoll signature tt,s with the 100 pound platters.
chetatkins--do you still spin them, or have you moved on. Seems a lot of maplenoll owners move on to other players. I enjoy tweaking and the compressor issue does not bother me since i have optimized it. I have the owners manual from this last purchase.
i kinda got out of the audio scene for a while and sold the tables.the condo where i used to live is still vibrating from the bass output of the maplenoll table.thunder.LOL
Oilman , Try Meguiars "Quik" interior detailer on all parts I formerly recommended. Lightyears ahead. Makes the 'Noll float & glide like never before. Silkey feel especially the edges of the bearing plates. Very quite operation. All from a spray or two of Meguiars. Just spray & gently polish with any lint-free cloth.
Readers : I am re-assembling the Ari-Noll. The outboard motor will come later as will a different tonearm. I have reopened some cut-outs to accept the motor & electrical components. Sota commerical vibration/insulation strips surround the motor dampening it down tobe near inaudable. All the rubber including the gromets have been re-placed a second time with a softer rubber compound. The tonearm has been re-wired with Cardas 33 ga. Next, I will re-tube , attach the PSI gages and attach the Air Control System that has been sucessfully tested to 50 PSI , 4/5 PSI to the platter, the remaining to the air bearing for the tonearm. Much to do before play time.