New Marantz AV7703 missing an audio fomat

Recently invested in a new Marantz AV7703 surround sound processor upgrading from an Integra DHC 40.1 that crapped the bed.  This unit is outstanding but I noticed it doesn't include Dolby Pro Logic II as an audio format.  I happen to like the sound of DLB PLII for multi-channel audio vs straight multi-channel stereo.  Really enjoyed it from the Integra.  Is Dolby Pro Logic II a format of the past now and no longer added to new SS processors?  Which audio format today comes close to PL II?  
Pdn, you have Dolby Pro-logic IIz which is the latest incarnation of Dolby Pro-Logic. 
OK many thanks for your feedback  Yes the unit does display DTS Neural:X which then I'm taking from both theo and imhififan to be equivalent to Pl IIz.  There is no actual selection for Pl IIz.