New McIntosh MA252

Wondering if anyone has listened to the new MA252. I have an MA6500 pushing 200 watts into my SF Olympica llls which I think sound great. Question - would the tube preamp on the new MA252 add noticeable warmth, richness, sound stage presence? Thanks. 

I have listened to the MA 252 in two systems and I would strongly lean toward it if in the market for an integrated
I owned a MA6500 two years ago and loved it, btw, the 6500 is rated at 120 watts (8 ohms) It was the MA6900 that is 200 watts. The 252 is rated at 100 watts 8 ohm but to me sounds more robust than the 6500. Plus the soundstage and depth of the 252 is superior.
Loved the 6500, love the 252 more.