New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)

Here is some info on the new MOFI/Jones speaker:



@singintheblues There are hundreds of UK speaker brands to choose from. I'm in a similar situation in France with French brands. Can't you audition UK gear in your local area? 

I say this because US brands like Klipsch and JBL are greatly overpriced compared to equivalent French brands which get virtually no attention because the USA is the centre of the world. End rant. 

@kokakolia is MoFi a US brand?   They’re made in China.

Absolutely no justification for the price difference.

We're a dealer in Canada and just got our stock in. So far, even with limited playing time, they're impressive and I think they'll be very popular. Lots of interest already. Build quality, fit & finish and sound quality are all at a very high level for the asking price. Very easy to drive, dynamic and sound huge in their presentation.

We have them on custom Skylan Stands for the speakers. You can see some pictures on our website or Facebook page. The combo looks fantastic. Right now, we're breaking them in with an Accuphase E-280 integrated, but will soon be pairing them with a Bel Canto C6i integrated which should be an incredible match for the money.

MoFi stands are now available.  The box for the two of them is about 77 pounds.  The bottom plate is where most of the weight is.

Which (less than $3,500) amps do people recommend running with their SourcePoint 10s? I recently acquired a pair and am driving them with an old Rotel RA-970BX. The sound is great so far, but the bass could be tighter and mids a touch more pronounced. It also seems like my right channel is slightly quieter, even after adjusting the DC bias, so the clock is ticking on this amp. From what I've read/watched so far, people seem to be using:

  • "Warmer" Class D amps like the Rose RA 180 (Andrew Jones @ audio shows), Rose RS 520 (per a local dealer), and, @everest_audio's rec above, the Bel Canto C6i.
  • Other warm sounding SS amps like pass labs and occasionally tubes

More neutral amps may not be the best match given the chance of too much treble extension (Luxman 595 ASE + PS10 = too much of a good thing). What do people think will mesh well for a slightly warmer sound?

One route i've been considering is a tube pre (Rogue RH-5) and then a more basic Class AB amp like an Odyssey Khartago or Van Alstine SET 120.