New MOFI speaker (Andrew Jones)

Here is some info on the new MOFI/Jones speaker:



 I'm seriously looking into this one. Fits my needs and I have the perfect stands for them: my Wharfedale Litton stands that my JBL 4319s are using as of now. 

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$3.699.00. First deliveries in December.
I think they look great. 

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they are different for sure, I kind of like different, that was the appeal to the Sonner Legato Unum and that they sound freaking awesome!

Would love to hear this in my system. 

I've known Andrew for over 30+ years now.  IMHO, he's one of the most talented speaker designers ever...and a really nice gentleman.

Like he said in the interview, give him the time and the money and see/hear what he can do.

I would really love to hear these.  Bet they're killer...

You can hear them at CAF this weekend I plan to check them out looks like an interesting design and solid value.

They're cool looking.

At some point though, I'd have to at least look at Tannoy.


i do wonder... is the user @mofimadness affiliated with mobile fidelity?  if so this should be considered as advertising, and should be paid for...

I am not in any way associated with Mobile Fidelity or Music Direct other than being a long time customer.

My moniker was actually given to me by someone on here many moons ago.  I had commented that I have every MOFI LP ever commercial released, and he said that was just "MOFI Madness" stuck. 

Still have a complete collection.  Everything on vinyl so far.

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They're just as tall as my JBL 4319s but a few inches wider and a few more even deeper so the Wharfedale Litton stands can easily handle them. Those stands come fully assembled and are sturdy as heck. 

As for the Music Direct catalog, I just went through it and there's also going to be a KLH model 7 (with a 13" woofer) and Wharfedale is also getting in on the retro act with their Dovetail (with a 10" Kevlar woofer). 

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I had a dinner out with Andrew Jones many years ago. He impressed me as a genuinely nice man and extremely competent speaker designer. I've followed his career arc for decades since. The Source Point 10s may seem controversial to some, but I see more than a little Henry Kloss in the design - 10" 2-Way, low crossover, 2 CuFt box, legit 40 Hz bass, that's a Large Advent. And we all know how that turned out. I've often wondered what a no-holds-barred Advent might look like, and now I know. Can't wait to hear them.

I watched the whole video this morning, and it was very interesting. Andrew is a very smart and inquisitive guy, but I thought that Steve was too reticent, and didn't ask enough questions, such as who the intended customer was for this particular design, since it isn't what the average buyer is looking at, although I would really like to hear it. Other than that, it was really good.

Love these. Can't wait to hear them. Andrew Jones knows what he's doing and seems like a good guy too. It's a unique size, which may not be an obvious plus. But, with KLH, JBL, and tons of others pumping out retro styling and "anniversary editions" of old classics all over the industry, they would seem to fit right in. Kudos Andrew!

He has seen  the light…..but think near $4000 a pair is more thsn the market will allow…..the success of the LS50 Metas was the sub $2000 price point….and certainly the LRS+ is backordered 8 to 10 months because of a sub $1000 price.

Given all the original thought/development that went into these along with customized and unique parts/drivers I think $3700 sounds like a pretty fair price, as long as they sound good of course.  Looking forward to impressions from anyone who gets to hear them at CAF this weekend. 

Tannoy may have nothing at that price point, but Fyne certainly does, below and just above.

I have a pair of Emerald Physics 3.4s OB, 12" concentric woofer with 1" polyester tweeter, outboard XOs, floor standing. The line is no longer made. The 3.4s MSRP was ~ $4500, but Ive seen them go for < $1000. Highly recommended

these speakers have me thinking again about the possible downsizing I've been thinking about the past few years...

These speakers are getting a bit of hype and I hope they live up to the hype. 

Not in the market as I am very content with Sonner. But I am a fan of Andrew and his designs. 

no doubt a-j is a proven designer of many well respected box speakers, a master of making intelligent tradeoffs in design, and a proponent of concentric drivers

to me, this one seems cool, on the face of it, due to its higher sensitivity and benign impedance, relatively substantial baffle, kind of in the devore o-series direction, though from the s-g's subjective comments, the tweeter seems voiced to be on the livelier side, a more modern sound, perhaps

this said, when i see a tweeter coupled with a 10 in woofer, in any 2 way, concentric or not, i have to wonder how pure, how correct sounding the critical midrange reproduction is

It's a woofer/midrange.  He says he has never done one before and didn't really know what to expect.

There is no doubt that AJ gets praise every time he drops something new on the market.  When I heard Steve say in his wrap up...."a little on the bright side" and smaller scale presentation compared to his PAP speakers...I thought, not going to work for me...even though the imaging may be top shelf.

It will be interesting to see if other reviewers with other rooms and different gear draw the same conclusions.


I can only judge the looks: it's very British, a bit of modern, a bit retro, industrial, crude, charmingly clumsy. Still: functional and I like it, I find it reasonably handsome. But it's just not a beauty, not stunning in any way, like a lot of others at this price point and I would not want it to take up space in my living room.  
Of course if they sounded like 8000 dollars speakers that could convince me.

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Last night on Steve Guttenberg podcast interviewing

AJ he said he never created a concentric this large before his past one were 4" 5" concentrics but never a 10".

Also he said his target price pt was going to be lower but once into the project and working out the kinks they had to raise the cost, I still havent heard them yet anybody hear them and hows the sound ?

Second question whatever happen to Rick from hfc

High Fidelity cables are they still in business ?

P.s. Beware of cheap chinese tubes

So, Guttenberg has a nice Pass amp/pre, Mola Mola DAC, a Jays Audio transport, and a — wait for it —- Node 2i streamer?  Seriously???  Which one doesn’t belong?  Sheesh. 

Guttenberg has always said he does not like streaming, and has no interest in it...I think many of us occasionally use streaming to explore, but not for "serious" listening...

For once, someone didn't follow the "form over function" edict. Thank goodness AJ was given free rein, with sound being the main consideration, instead of looks. 

I also like his design criteria of being able to see into the recording as much as possible. I wouldn't be surprised if these come across somewhat like my old Tonian Labs TL-1s. They offered a ton of insight, had tone for days, and never gave me listening fatigue despite being so revealing. They only lacked for base and these Source Point 10s appear to have that part covered.

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Well, whadayaknow, Steve Guttehberg has the first review out on the Source Point 10...

Opps! Didn't notice it was already posted.

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@grislybutter a bit into the video with cheapaudioman, he vaguely sort of mentions that MoFi will have some custom stands for them and even an angled piece for anyone wanting to use one of these horizontally as a center channel speaker too that works with the 3 degree tilt.  

Steve Guttenberg's review hinted that he arranged them horizontally for most of his listening due to the only stands he had resulted in the drivers being in a better place and causing a touch of bass loading.

But yeah, seems MoFi missed an opp to simply put any custom stands either with the speakers in the price (like KLH) or at least have them as a link on the same page as the Sourcepoint 10 so people can find them. 


the context in the category

Dynaudio Evoke 20 - 8.5"x15.0"x12.1"

Monitor Audio Silver 100 - 9" x 15" x 13"

Wharfdale Linton - 12" x 22" x 14"

MoFi 14.5″ x 22.5″ x 16.6″

Long story short, it’s BIGGER than the Linton. Significantly bigger. And the Linton is gigantic I had it.

So they definitely need custom stands - stands that I don’t know who has. They look stupid om the Solidsteel SS-7.