New Mullard Reissue EL34

Has anyone tried the new current production Mullard EL34? How do they compare to the original XF2 and other EL34s old or new?

Apparantly there is a limited supply so I would like to grab some if they are as good as they say. Presently I use Sylvania and Electro-Harmonix Fat Bottles with great results. I much prefer these over JJ, Sovtek and Svetlana which I found to be mediocore at best

Please state your experiences and comparisons with this tube.
If you do a search, you will find, IIRC, that the Mullard name has been purchased, and these are being manufactured in Russia. But please search on this, because I may be wrong. Again, if I remember, member Albertporter posted on this. He is probably tied up at CES, btw.
Thanks swampwalker thats kind of what I thought. I am still curious to know what the sound is like. Although I guess if EH, Sovtek, Mullard and Svetlana are from the same factory than perhaps they are all the same tube.

Yet there are many posts stating differences in these tube brands. Anyone care to elaborate on this?
I'm not sure of the exact "heritage" of the reissues but I was told the brand name was bought and the old Mullards were reverse engineered in Russia made to "vintage Mullard EL34 single getter specifications". I was sceptical but gave it a try and bought a matched quad from SRS Webstore (about $100) for my second system Canary CA706. Heard a slight increase in power and overall dynamic response over the EH tubes I was using. For the price they were a good investment. Got tired of trying to find a reputable (and reasonably priced) quad of NOS Mullards.

The bigger difference were the NOS GE 6SN7 input tubes. Much better "bottom" and very sweet midrange. A great investment that I almost overlooked.

btw I noticed that Groovetubes is selling a reissue of the GE EL34's but not much in the way of specific info.