New OFC Power Cord from Ice Age Audio

This is Rick with Ice Age Audio.  I wanted to make everyone aware of our new OFC Power Cord.  While our original line of Power Cords remains the foundation of our company, our new OFC Power Cord takes everything to the next level.  It’s available in both 15 and 20 amp versions. It’s constructed from our Cryo Treated, Soft Drawn, Solid core, 99.9999% Pure Oxygen Free Copper Wire.  It’s the same wire that we use for our Interconnects, USB and Speaker Cables, each item using a different configuration.  Stu McCreary of Positive-Feedback Magazine is currently preparing a review of our entire product line.  After trying/demoing our assorted products, he came back to me and stated…My system has never sounded this good!!!  This is coming from a person who has been writing reviews for the industry for 40+ years.  Stu is now using our OFC series in his own personal listening system.  This is also the case for Don Sachs, builder of High End Tube Gear. and John Mingo, founder (now retired) of Baetis Music and Media Servers. This cable has the warmth of Copper, along with the detail of Silver, without the harshness.  The sound stage is HUGE, with warm, low bottom end, accurate instrument placement and precise up front vocals.  We are NOT a Smoke-N-Mirrors Company, we simply offer a product that works, at a fair price.


Rick – Ice Age Audio


Hello to all. This is my first post on Audiogon and I must comment about the IceAge cables. I had the original ($130) cryogenically treated copper/copper power cable for my tube amp and it was a large upgrade worth every penny. I got the new OFC cable and this thing is in a totally different league for sure. I can't believe my tube amp could be this much faster and more precise yet again. It totally blew me away after breaking it in for 3 days and I had my first listening of it yesterday. This cable is very special without a doubt and worthy of ultimate endgame cable status for me in my own system. Putting a number or value on this cable it is priceless to me. It only cost me $269 on a special for a 5' cable and this cable is without a doubt in competition with much, much more expensive cables with what it does!


I have over 100 cables in my system (many are cryo treated $65-$90 smaller gauge and shorter length power cables that Rick can make at even less cost) To be able to get something this good at this cost needs to be recommended and shared to other audiophiles. I could have never made it even close to where I am at now buying overpriced or underperforming cables. I used many IceAge cables the last year on all of my equipment digital and analog. Even my digital amps and other digital equipment can sound better with these (This is at least 100 percent true to my own subjective preferences and they do uniquely effect the sound) These just outperform everything at the cost that I have seen so far and can even extraordinarily outperform for the cost in some cases. I genuinely hope more out there discover these as it could really help them in the cost that the audio rabbit hole truly can be. 


I must mention the OFC series cryo RCA are also just simply so very good. I have 3 DACs (Gustard R26, Weiss DAC 204, Musician Pegasus) and only one set of these RCA. I can't help but feel like I simply NEED to swap these onto each DAC versus my other RCA! They are a real treat to use.

Check out our latest review from Stu McCreary of Positive Feedback Magazine. It covers our full product line, including our latest addition of the OFC Series. It's a bit lengthy, but it's a good read. And for all of you naysayers who want to share your opinion??? If you haven't heard our products, you don't have an opinion. There's a simple way to see what our products can truly do. All of the negative comments are from people who have not tried them, and all of the positive comments are from the people who use them. Simply Google our company name, and the rest is self explanatory.

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