New-prod high-compliance carts for SME 3009

I acquired some Shure V15s which is a cart that makes you forget about cartridges. But after almost a year there's a bit of an urge to play. I've discovered that carts that are really appropriate for an arm like this are not commonplace and most recommended are no longer available. Are there any new-prod (prefer MM) carts that are suitable?
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I realize the Stanton 681EEE is not a "High end" Cartridge but recently picked up a nice Thorens TD 124 ( mk1 ) and it came with a Stanton 681EE and I am extremely pleased with the Match with the SME series2 arm...I am thinking about one of the Grado wood bodies..I tend to like a lttle of the sweetness that the Stanton provides and hoping to match that sweetness in my next cartridge......
Never heard of Stanton. I will look.

Tvad, actually I did ask Raul this q ~1 yr ago and while he gave a wonderful response most if not all of the carts he reced were in fact "vintage" (no longer produced). But I should have another thorough go-thru of that mail.

I really hated Grado carts on modern arms but on the 3009 it might be a completely different story.
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I use to use Stanton in the 60s, Stanton, Pickering, ADC and Shure were the big brands then. The current Ortofon MMs are good, I have one I use sometimes. You can buy a cheaper one to check them out and if you want to upgrade the replacement stylus from the more expensive ones will interchange.
As mentioned above Kevin @ Kab has the Stanton 681EEE mk3..Its very inexpensive,but it plays above its pricerange..
I recently posted the same question. There are actually many options in current production. Ortofon made a high compliance cartridge, the 540 MkII, that is still available off of EBay (and I went with it). Apparently the 540 was among Ortofon's top MMs until they replaced it with the 2M Black. Soundsmith offers essentially all of their cartridges in a high compliance cartridges version. Benz makes some that are not exactly high compliance, but have compliances within the range that will work with the SME3009.