New Rega P10 setup

So, I have been running a Linn LP 12 for a few years, I have upgraded with Mober remote power supply, new springs, Cirkus, Jelco 750 Arm. I have it mounted on a wall rack above my stereo rack. Because I do not have a means for someone to come in and properly set up the Linn so it runs "perfect", I have always thought I could be doing better, sound wise. Carts have been, Zu Audio DL-103 mkii, Soundsmith MIMC Star and Clearaudio Concept MC.

I pulled the trigger on a open box Rega P10 that arrives today. A total 180 from the LP 12. I'd appreciate your thoughts on a few things. Being that the Rega P10 is expensive and fragile, am I taking a chance purchasing an "open box" but saving $1,300.00 ?

Will the P10 require the wall mount to avoid the "foot fall" issue I had with the LP12? or could I place it onto of my stereo rack?

Do you think the Soundsmith MI MC Star would be a decent fit for the Rega RB3000 arm ? The Soundsmith site shows the MIMC Star working with arms 7 - 29 grams, but a compliance of 10.

At some point, I would like to purchase a high end cart, ie Benz Micro Ruby, ZYX or Soundsmith.

Current Set up

Pass Labs XP 15 phono,

PS Audio BHK Preamp with tube front end,

Pass Labs X260.8 mono blocks 

Klipsch Forte IVs

(Sonus Faber Electa Amator IIIs in rotation)


I appreciate your thoughts




I have the RP10 with the Apheta 2.  Also have the Pass Labs XP-15, as you do.  I would try the Apheta 2 or 3 and I think you will like it (depending on your musical tastes).  I have found this to be a terrific table/cartridge/phonostage combination.

Must have been disappointing to get a Planar 3 when you were expecting a P10.


Enjoy the new table when it arrives.


A few years back I traded my LP12 in on the RP10 as the LP12 had run its course with me. I realize the P10 is a different table,but yet very similar. I also have mine on a Symposium Seque Stealth and a Salmander cabinet. My floor is also a suspended floor and footfall is a real problem for me. I have been trying to come up with a solution to either add another isolated cabinet that could be placed against the wall or brace the floor from underneath. A wall shelf really isn’t a viable option for me, or at least without a custom shelf which could still propose other issues.

But as far as the table goes, it was my choice between a VPI Classic 3 and the Rega and I found the Rega to be closer in sound to the Linn. Incidentally I did at one time have the HRS platform under the table and it sounded great, however it was too big and I needed more room. But I think you will be very happy with the Rega once you get it set up.

@marktheshark, usually Rega offers a nice discount on the Apheta 3 (factory installed) through their authorized dealers when you purchase a P10.  I assume you're buying the open box P10 from an authorized Rega dealer.   The dealer may be willing to give you a good deal on an Apheta 3.  Since the dealer screwed up sending you a P3, maybe he would be willing to compensate you with a great deal on a cartridge.

@marktheshark , Good move. You might have to add a little weight to the tonearm for the Soundsmith. Soundsmith makes a very nice set of graded cartridge screws for this purpose. Get the HiFi News Test LP and the resonance tracks will tell you what to do. Although the LP 12's suspension is notoriously unstable you will still have footfall problems so use the wall shelf. If you want to put a turntable on your rack you will need either a MinusK platform or a turntable like the Sota, Basis or SME. The RP10 is however a great turntable for the money and the arm is excellent.