New rogue sphinx or used rogue 99 preamp

I have PSB Image T5, connected to cambridge audio stream magic (using it as preamp as well) and parasound 275 power amp. While purchasing this a few months back, I had listened to rogue audio sphinx hybrid integrated amp and really liked it. Since this was my first purchase so I didn't wanted to stretch my budget and decided against sphinx.
Now after few months of listening I feel I need the sphinx. I can't explain the difference but it seemed more 3D, i guess its the tube effect.
As I get ready to spend the money on sphinx, I found that I can get used rogue audio 99 preamp at the same price as sphinx which if I can pair with parasound could be an option. I haven't heard 99 though.
The questions I have for you all,
1. Can I pair rogue audio 99 preamp with parasound 275?
2. Is it better to buy a new sphinx or pair a used 99 preamp with parasound 275?
Since i am not sure if the "better sound" of sphinx was because of tube preamp or the whole package. Will the 99 + parasound 275 sound better or parasound 275 is the weak link and sphinx alone is better?

Thanks in advance for your guidance
Tough to say. Though the 3D effect does suggest the influence of tubes. If you can't audition the 99, you could buy one used and try it out. If it isn't as impressive, then you can likely sell the 99 at little to no loss. Except maybe shipping.
get the specs of the Parasound in front of you then call Mark O'Brien at Rogue he will tell you.