New Rolling Stone - 500 Best and a free SACD

Just a head's up for some fun reading and reminiscing. The current Rolling Stone has the 500 Greatest Albums of all time.

In addition, it comes with a free SACD with some nice cuts.

It also reinforces the "Beatles are Best". Now if only we can get the Beatles on SACD!!!
I agree that in order for SACD to succeed the label MUST release stuff we want. I have e mailed them and told customer relations that audiophiles who like SACD and DVD A, to a lesser degree, want worthy releases (exceptional remastering and remixing)with multi channel and 2 channel sound compatible on both CD and SACD players. Where are classic rock titles? Led Zepplin, Beatles, Rush, Boston (newwer version), Neil Young and hundreds of great albums by the 70s and 80s artists. Guns & Roses' Appeitie/illussions? I feel the formats are going to fail and join DAT, Beta, and other formats that was not supported enough to become mainstream. Let us all let the labels know of our wishes.
9 tracks. - if your lucky you can get a 10th bonus track and win fabulous prizes yada yada. It's a leader to get folks into Best Buy and some exposure to SACD I believe. It's worth buying just for their take on the 500 best albums. Fun reading about the recording studios, sessions, and such. A fun issue with a great bonus. The Dylan cut is from Blood on the Tracks. I heard the rasp and steeliness of the guitars and some air around the harmonica on the free cut through the Logans and will definitely be buying Blood on the Tracks on SACD. Herbie Hancock from Headhunters was a real fun cut too, and I want to buy that one for the soundstaging. Have Fun

Bob Dylan
Herbie Hancock
Billy Joel
Pink Floyd
Nora Jones
Miles Davis
Elton John
Ive been walking around with my issue and picking up some cds based on their recommendations.

Love- Forever Changes
so damn awesome!

WAR- anthology
nice grooves

Miles Davis-kind of blue SACD
actually the sampler turned me on!

Best 5 bucks Ive spent in a long time.