New Schiit, phono maybe big

The products Schiit had been teasing just came out. Maybe the more significant is a new phono stage. Class A, zero feedback. 

Not advertising, I just get their spam. 


They’re on the website but a 2-3 week wait for the phono stage. Otherwise I almost ordered one yesterday. Love the idea of the remote

Nearly every phono stage ever made operates in class A. And the vast majority use no feedback. So those qualities don’t help much in predicting happiness. But Schiit makes good stuff for low cost.

Agree, but just noticed it as there seems to be a gap between $69 amps and "real" ones.  Not everyone can jump to a JC-3 or Roland. 

Matching the input impedance is bigger difference than a lot of the amps. I wonder as I have seen setups with a very high end amp and switching cartridges around but no easy way to change the impedance. When I ran a table, all there of the  preamps I went through were soldered in resistors and capacitors. There was a big difference between Grace and Otophone!  I had a Micro-Seki? or something that had the matching network built in, but the Grace was nicer. Long time ago.