NEW Sonus Faber Concert Home Models

I am looking for a high quality, small speaker as an alternative to my floor standing speakers. I like the ProAc Response 1.5s and 2.5s, but in monitor-sized speakers the ProAcs lack. Has anyone heard the latest Sonus Faber Concert Home speakers? What didya think? These will be used for 2 channel stereo(mostly), through varying electronics(from McCormack to BAT to Audio Research to Krell, et al). There are no Sonus Faber dealers nearby to listen to them.
I have heard the original grand piano's and the Electra Amator II and was very impressed. The Grand Piano has recently been upgraded. It is a totally new speaker and I have not heard that model. I too listen mostly to two channel stereo and opted to buy the Sonus Faber Guarnieri speakers. I bought them used on Audiogon and I am very pleased with them. I don't think you could go wrong with any of Sonus Faber's speakers.
The new Sonus speakers are excellent! I have heard them all and I think for the money, its hard to beat the Concertos for a monitor, and the new and MUCH improved Grand Piano for a smallish floorstander. I personally think that the Grand Piano is one of the best looking speaks on the planet period, regardless of $.
And for the ultimate 'semi' reasonable price monitor, the new Signum is outstanding.
Hey Im having some trouble with my infinity betas. One of them wont put out any sound we tried changing speakers and they both work. I think its the amp I dont know do you have any ideas. Email me at
I auditioned the pro-acs you have, but my kids were a major concern... little poking fingers are not $2500 speaker friendly. So I auditioned and bought the SF Concertos (not called Home) last year. They were and are incredible! Auditioned vs. The BW's and smaller Pro-Acs and Acoustic Energy MK I's. I love them and you can get a great deal from HARVEY online if you buy last year's model. Only comment is that they need power.

My understanding from SF is that the Concerto Home is the same speaker essentially, but better shielded for Home Theater use.