New speaker cables - now audio seems panned right and left

I went from a set of Transparent audio "the wave" to a new set of no-name ribbon cables that are silver over OFC. They cleared a bit of the harshness out of my Vandersteen 2ce's but It seems that the audio now is panned hard right and left. My sound stage is gone... Thoughts? should I give them a break in time or send them back? 


Toe in and speaker placwment.  You may need a lot less toe in than you did before.

Cables can affect speaker placement, but also, make sure that they're not wired out of phase which can cause that problem too.

On Spotify I pulled up some test tracks by bunker analog and noticed in the phase testing it sounded better (centered) when the tracks were out of phase. Any thoughts? 

Pre is a Krell KSL

Power is a KVA 150A

Thanks, everyone! I figured it out. The cable on one side was terminated reversed (red to black).





The test that you did proved that. I have made the same mistake many times over the years.