New Stereophile recommended list

STEREOPHILE says it will disclose the reason why a component is deleted from the recommended list, but last year Class B Musical Fidelity A3 CDP disapears on this issue without any mention. Is it a political(fund raising?) kind of move?
And why was Triangle Antal rated in "FULL RANGE" category, when according to factory sheet their Frq. range is 50hz??
What do you expect from a "commercial" type mag. There is a reason the "old pro's" that used to write for them are no longer there. Even the arrongant former writers at least could justify their attitude (ever go to the Stereophile show in NYC?) The Aboslute Sound might be stuffy, but at least they still hae a soul. By the way, Listener is like watching rugrats with your kids, I smile when I read it but so what (Clara Peller where's the beef?.

Good Luck!
Let's face it...all too many of the listed items in the "guide" got to be where they're at, or weren't at, as a result of way too many schmooze dinners, gifts, and favors of sorts!...or lack there of in the case of a deletion or demotion!!! Money talks baby!
search for the thread "reviewing the reviewers". The first post has a link to an in teresting website with a stinging commentary about the recommended list.
I agree with Tubeperson. Stereophile is a shadow of it's former self; Listener is a good read, but generally thin on actual audio substance; TAS, while far from perfect, seems to have the best balance of writing and usable information.

Regarding unexplained deletions from recommended lists, I say "so what?" These lists should only be used as a guide anyway. If you bought something just because it was on the list, then of course you will be disappointed if it unexpectedly falls off the list.

Conversely, if you AUDITIONED something because it was on the list, liked what you heard, then bought it - you shouldn't give a rip if it subsequently falls off the list because it still sounds just as good as when you bought it.