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Looking an original box/packing material for a Sony SCD-777ES
Thanks for that insight YYZ.  Your response raises another question:  Will the SCD-1 packaging also fit the 777 unit?   
LP Cleaning
This guy gives some very practical advice and best practices for using the super affordable Spin Clean that reubent mentioned above:  
Experience with Adio Equipment Trade-Up Promotions
I'd make an analogy to trading in your used car for a new one.  You can (usually) get more if you sell it yourself, but it can also be a hassle.  Suggest that you get the store's offer and compare it to prices here, EBay, etc.  If it seems fair, t... 
In need of stabilizer/puck for a Sony SCD-777ES
Just wanted to close the loop by saying that I received a puck from dgarretson in the mail today!  As an unexpected bonus, he also included a copy of the service manual for the SCD 777, as well as additional documentation.  Truly above and beyond.... 
In need of stabilizer/puck for a Sony SCD-777ES
Dgarretson, :fingerscrossed:  thank you! 
In need of stabilizer/puck for a Sony SCD-777ES
Thanks for the responses and yes, I’ve been checking EBay the last few days since I got the unit.  There were 2 parts units sold before I started looking, but nothing currently up for auction.  Even the cheapest one went for $150 delivered.  That’... 
Moving to Tucson, AZ
Thanks for the replies, all. I'll check out the AZ AV club when I get to town. - Daddy-O. 
Anyone Using A Logic Turntable?
I used to own a DM 101 back in the late 80's. I used a Magnepan Unitrac arm and a Dynavector Ruby with good results. My recollection is that it is a British made table that came on the market about the same time as the Pink Triangle. The suspensio... 
Mini-Disc Recorders are they around for long?
Agree with Slappy for this application......Hard to beat MP3's for editing, storage (no discs to change/mess with), size, ease of use, etc. Since sound quality is not that important in a Magic Show application, MP3 is probably the way to go.That h... 
Yet another call for more Sale catagories...
I agree with the Integrated Amp suggestion. I was recently in the market for one (went with Rowland, btw) and there was no way to see all of the integrateds available in one search. In fact, the only way to be sure that you were seeing all that is... 
Cable lengths
Theoretically, there would be a timing difference in when the left and right signals actually reach the speakers. Whether this would make an audible difference or not, I can not say as the signals are both travelling so fast that your ears may not... 
Virginia Audiophiles - I Need Guidance
Thanks for the great leads everyone! I appreciate the assistance and Sherman, I will be contacting you once I get to the area. Best, Brad. 
Possibly moving to ITALY Will my U.S. gear work?
Thank you all very much for your very informative responses. You have all been very helpful and your feedback is very appreciated! -DaddyO 
Speaker cable for 25' run flat/small for under carpet ??
Agree with Jtinn - Nordost is probably your best bet. Straightwire also makes an excellent flat cable, however. As always, try to audition them in your system before purchasing. In home trial seems to be pretty common with cables. 
Who pays for busted stuff?
First of all, Jeff, glad to hear that your problem has been diagnosed and should be a relatively simple (inexpensive) repair. On your general question, there seems to be a consensus that if the unit didn't arrive in the condition advertised, then ...