New Stones DSD disc's...Anybody heard em' yet?

I picked up Let it Bleed and Beggars Banquet last night. Won't get to hear the SACD layer until later today. I can say the CD layer on Let it Bleed sounded very good indeed. The packaging is wonderful on these two disc's. I had Hot Rocks in my hand but did not buy yet. Anybody heard any of the other ones yet? I will update after hearing the SACD layers on the two I bought. Finally SACD music that is important to the Rock Lovers out there :)
yup, i've heard all but "now" and they are all very good indeed(cd layer) - for cds. (played 'em on a naim cd5)
i was getting carried away with them, thinking i'd never heard the stones sound so good! then i stepped back and a/b'd them to my best vinyl copies of the albums (some mofi(from the box), some jpn pressings, 1 netherlands (flowers). turns out i'd heard 'em sound BETTER!
but the sacd layer must be very very sweet, and i'm awfully glad to have the cd's for driving (still can't manage to isolate my turntable for the road)as they really are quite good.
I bought 5 of the remasters. So far, LIB has provided the most exciting music in SACD format. I have about 40 or so SACD's that I listen to on my $20k two channel system. I have heard LIB probably a thousand times in every format. My experience last night approached some kind of out of body thing where I was inside the music and it was inside me. The entire room was saturated with beautiful sound, pulsating, irresistable, three dimesional rock and roll. I listened again immediately, with the same effect. If you settle for the CD layer, you are totally missing the point. The reason this music was transferred to SACD is because the people involved wanted to offer it in the best possible format. They love the music, and they recognize that, even if the SACD layer does not make the reissue much more economically rewarding, it makes the audio art itself more rewarding. If you don't have SACD and you hear LIB in SACD, you will buy one. If you are not moved, take up stamp collecting.
I haven't bought any of 'em yet - and I'm not equipped to do SACD - but I have most all of the original US vinyls (including mono's). Despite sound that may well be truly "better," having heard a few cuts on the radio, I have to say that I always find it disturbing on a fairly fundamental level when formative recordings in my life are remastered to sound unfamiliar. This one's gonna take a while...
These discs are so impressive, it makes me want to swap my Cary CD-306/100 for a Sony SCD-1, immediately. I might be losing some quality on redbook, but the value of the SACD capability would be immeasurable(especially if the format war is now officially over, and we can play taps for DVD-A).
I have not found one store that carries all 22 copies as of yet...
Cbucki, Music Direct has all of them listed. It looks like about half have been released so far, the rest are due out in Sept. All 22 can be ordered now and shipped when they are released.