New Tekton Pendragons On The Way

I am quite thrilled and also quite nervous in having ordered a pair of the Pendragon speakers this afternoon. I am doing this mostly on the reviews and also after receiving communication from Eric Alexander, owner of Tekton Designs.

Let me go back a little. I recently changed the tubes in my Rogue Cronus Magnum integrated from the KT120 to EL34 tubes. I have fallen in love with the EL34 sound and now my present speakers sound thin unless really cranked. I attribute that to it's 89db sensitivity whereas the Pendragons have a 95 db sensitivity. This should give me a much fuller sound at lower volume levels.

This is my secondary system in my home office and I play it 8 hours a day so it gets much more use than my reference system downstairs in our living room. Many of the reviews both pro and consumer say it's the speaker for someone who loves music. So now the wait begins to receive them. Supposedly they keep this in stock now in the basic black finish which is what I got. I would be thrilled if I got them by the end of this week but that is pretty unrealistic I guess.

If anyone has experience with these speakers, I would especially like to hear. If anyone reading this has any thoughts, kindly post them.

If you want to know more about the speaker, send me an email through Audiogon. The speakers offer a different perspective, one I am not used to.
Why not share your thoughts with the rest of us? There is a lot of interest in these speakers, and I would be interested in your impressions.

I have owned the speakers. I am Ozzy from AA and I posted to your thread. I am just curious what you thought. No need to worry about talking about them in an open forum, that's what this place (and AA) are all about. You still get to send them back if you don't lke them.

If he bought them with a 30 day audition period he's probably afraid about getting his money back. I felt the same way years ago about the HCAT preamp.
Sometimes it takes time to truly understand what a component does right or wrong. What's more reliable, snap judgement or long term audition?