Tekton Double Impacts Ordered Jan 3, 2017 and NOTHING

On Tuesday Jan 3, 2017 I called Tekton and ordered a pair of Double Impacts directly with Eric.

He answered all my questions and I went with all the upgrades and bi-wire binding posts.

Plus the PROBLEMATIC one (Not known by me at the time) Walnut veneers with gloss finish.

He said it would take a couple of months and I agreed on waiting telling him I wanted a quality product.

Two months went by and I emailed and received no response. 

I called and he said he was working on them and that happened every other week with him saying he would have them shipped next week last time we talked, three weeks ago. It is April 27, 2017 now.

Then last week I receive a voicemail from this lady and when I called back she told me Eric would not be able to build my speakers. Too many orders but nothing offered as far as options. I asked about available sets and Carla (if I recall her name correctly) said that Eric would be the one to contact about that. 

In disbelief I cancelled my order. 

I started my process well before the excellent thread about the DI started and before the reviews were released.

I was looking forward to having my set months ago. Not to be for me. 

I am sharing my experience with fellow AudioGonrs not to take away from the success of Tekton but to make others realize that maybe due to growing pains not everything goes well.

Any suggestions or comments will be appreciated.

Disappointed ,

Luis D. Paret
Keller, TX

Hello Luis,
That really stinks,did you get your money back?
I don't know for sure but I think they don't do any of There own veneering or paint work on the custom color ones.

I recently bought a pair of the specials page and they were shipped the same day by freight.

I've talked too Eric on the phone and he answered every question I asked him even a couple that I did'nt think he would.

I know they are extremely busy but that is not very good customer service on your deal.

I would give them a call or email if you still want a set from them.I preferred painted speakers for me and not veneer.

They are truly a special excellent sounding well built speaker,sounding way better than the price.

I think they are going through some growing pains as you mentioned.

Just my 2 cents and I wish you the best with your decision.


I gave my CC and Eric did not charge anything. 

He said he would at completion before delivery. 
I suspect your story is one of bad timing.  Tekton is clearly in a growth phase right now. In trying to keep overhead and costs low (The DI is in fact a huge value with far smaller markup than is the industry norm), Eric I'm sure lacks the manpower right now for these special order items. 

 I love a nice veneer.  Eric was upfront with me and told me it would take months.  I opted for the "Model T black" and honestly love the way it doesn't draw attention to itself and vanishes in the music. 

If your heart is set on veneer, you may be stuck.  A shame as the speakers really are special and I think untouchable at the price.  More than once I've wondered how Eric has pulled this off with such a small crew--product development, phone calls, new web site, and oh yah, you need to find time to build the speakers too!

Might suggest you give it some time and think it over.  I can understand your frustration.  I'm sure it's not intentional.  Just bad timing.

It was also bad timing when Tektons were being shipped out with woofers with cones that did not match in color.  And when new models that may have been more suitable  to a customer's needs dribbled out without notice to the persons buying other models.  And when upgrades were only made available after people had bought the non upgraded versions and when an 8 ohm version pops up.

I honestly do not have an axe to grind, I am set for speakers, and would still consider a pair of Tektons, but there seems to be a bit of bad timing pattern.
I always find better success in these things dealing with known brands....Vandersteen, Wilson, etc.
I've heard nothing but bad customer service about Tekton.... terrible way to do business when you are a "virtual" company .  The forum user base is free advertising if you are a smart company and do right by your customers.   I used to work in this industry and monitored every forum and took care of any problems before they blew up.
if in fact you are "set for speakers", why do you keep hanging out on Tekton threads so you can fan the embers to flame Tekton?  If anyone read all you comments you clearly do have an axe to grind.  So just be happy with your established speaker brand and move on.  Clearly this is not the speaker company for you--and that's fine.

if in fact you are "set for speakers", why do you keep hanging out on Tekton threads so you can fan the embers to flame Tekton? If anyone read all you comments you clearly do have an axe to grind. So just be happy with your established speaker brand and move on. Clearly this is not the speaker company for you--and that's fine.

I 2nd this,If you don't own or are seriously thinking about buying them you really don't belong.

Just for the record,
All four woofers match in color perfectly on my speakers.
The conversation I had with Eric was quite informative and he answered every question that I asked even a couple that I didn't think he would.

He is a extremely busy man and talks fast,so you need to do your homework first and then call or email him.

I received nothing but the best of service from Tekton and I'm very happy with my new pair.


Actually, I do not have an axe to grind. But I also do not need to act blind and ignore what I have read here from people with less than stellar experiences. You miss the point of Audiogon, to write about good and bad products, and good and bad experiences.

Frankly, for the short time the speaker has been out I don’t know how you can honestly be boasting so about the speaker. It is more useful to hear evaluations after a product has settled in and the honeymoon period is over.

And by the way, you may not have noticed, but I did not come on all gloom and doom on a post where the OP was singing the praises about his great transaction.  Maybe you should reread what caused this thread to be written in the first place.
based on what you have stated, you will never be interested in doing business with this company.  So why do you give a rip about follow up reviews on this speaker "after the honeymoon period is over?"
Your agenda remains the same--to take every opportunity you can to disparage Tekton.  Anybody ready all your posts can see that.

I certainly respect your right to an opinion.  But there is a difference between an opinion and an agenda.

Time to move on.


You keep referring to my agenda. Lets look at this a little closer. You have 70 posts starting in Dec 2016, of which 67 consecutive ones are praising Tekton DI’s. Sheds a light on who the person is with an agenda, N’est-ce pas?

No, you do not respect my right to an opinion, your attempt at censorship is boorish.

geoffkait, sorry to say I allowed myself to get duped.  I'll chalk it up to being a posting newbie.  I'm ought here.  This thread is dead.