new to tuners

i've cobbled together a system for the office, using an integrated (nad c352) that doesn't have a built in tuner. i've never bought a separate tuner before, and know nothing about how much to spend, how important it is, what the issues to pay attention to are, etc. the office system is a denon dcm-360 cd player, the nad c352, and energy c6 speakers. cheap monster and straightwire cables. what do you spend on a tuner for a system like that, and what makes / models might do the trick? it's mostly just for talk radio, with occasional classical and rock stations. thanks. -dave

A way to go that will give you some options is to purchase one of the Tivoli table radios. They can be used in either standalone mode or connected to the tuner/aux inputs of your NAD. The technology behind the Tivoli's borrows from cell phone technology in terms of station capture. The result is a radio that locks into a good number of stations and very cleanly at that.

The Model One table radio comes in a number of finishes of which the piano gloss models are really striking. Cost is in the $120 - $160 range. Additionally, if you have any interest in satellite radio, Tivoli offers a Sirius satellite model for $300 that you could hook up to your stereo, as well.

Short of using a vinatge receiver as a tuner, for an office system I believe that the Tivoli's are the way to go.

Regards, Rich
I have vintage 80's NAD equipment in my office. NAD tuners of that era are respectable and fairly cheap. Not good for AM however.
classic tuners are fun to own, but at this point an xm or sirius tuner is the ticket.
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I would look for an NAD 412 tuner which did not come w/a remote BUT, I believe, can be made remote-controlable by using the your Int. amps remote and using the "link" RCA jack from the tuner to the Int. amp. Or buy a new Nad tuner. If you are not concerned about having a remote and want a basic good tuner there are so many to choose from! The 70's/Early 80's were a very good time for tuners. Many can be bought for a song.
The Marantz ST-6000 is a great bang for the buck tuner. Less than $300 thru Audio Advisor, even has its own remote. Good luck.
Viridian's advice is spot on. Get a used vintage tuner. They will do a better job than anything you can get for anywhere near the same price. Mod an old Kenwood or Sansui and be ready for cd quality sound. Then you'd be into it for 450-500 dollars but will literally have world class sound.

One thing many overlook is that a good antenna is mandatory. If you live anywhere near a city a 25.00 Radio Shack yagi will do the job nicely. Whatever you do please put the antenna on your list. If you can have a rooftop like the yagi mentioned above that is the best way to go. All indoor antenna's made aren't as good as that cheap yagi and can cost alot of money.