New upper trim level Corvette or seven year old used amps?

Recently I have experienced quite a few people I know either passing on or being diagnosed with some type of cancer. And as I have never strived to be the richest guy in the graveyard, I was thinking of buying one of the new Corvettes. I also started to look at my older tube amps, good, but I had had them for about nine years, and the whole tube thing....then I started to think about some SS amps( I know, I’m going to hell). TAD M600, Dagostino M400, and then ventured into Dartzeel territory. Long story shorter: I came upon a pair of used Dartzeel 458’s, totally crazy price, totally crazy good. I have had them about a month and have enjoyed over 100 hours of listening nirvana. Had I bought the vette and drove it 100 hours, I’d have lost my drivers license, and spent thousands on tires, fuel, fines, etc.  
myth buster: it’s all worth it! Expensive power and speaker cables, interconnects, speakers, and Dartzeel 458’s.
Anyone that tells you otherwise is using cost not quality as a determining factor.
Enjoy the music and Life


Life is WAY too short not to enjoy the spoils of your hard work. Tomorrow is guaranteed to no one.
At 16 with little money the choice was literally a car or a stereo. A car looked to me like a money pit. Especially the kind of used cars a 16 year old can afford. Not that things have changed much. A new car today is reliable but gas, insurance, registration, there's just no end to it. There is however one car you can drive for free: Porsche 911.

Buy one at least 12 years old. Own it at least 20 years. My 79 SC bought for $16k in 91 is now 150k miles later a $40k car. Enough to get all my money back, including all the gas and maintenance and insurance over the entire 30 years of ownership.

Try that with a stereo. Try that with a Corvette. Ha!
Not many Porsches will appreciate like yours, maybe the GT or RS cars, but nothing since the 993 has. 
Great choice millercarbon. They started galvanizing the cars in 78 which abolished the rust problem. You are however due for an engine rebuild if you have not done it already. It will cost you 10 to 15K. Just giving you the warning if you are not aware already. It is just the price of owning an air cooled car. If you really want a killer motor send the car to Flat 6 Solutions, Jake Raby's shop. Best engine re builders in the States. They are always a year out so you have to get in line. My 2006 C4S is going there next year. Generally what happens is the car will start leaking and or burning oil. It will not hurt it at all to keep driving it.  Most veteran 911 drivers keep track of their oil consumption. Don't ever sell the car. Just keep up with it. Pass it on to one of your kids. It will just keep going up in value:)
Margaret at school who I actually didn’t know all that well, loaned me her almost new 1964 Daytona blue Corvette 327 soft top to take back home for the weekend. Was that a Mako! I think maybe it was. Whatever it was it would $hit and git.