New Wilson Shasha W/P Series 2

Hey Wilson Shasha W/P fans, just picked up a news blip off The Audio Beat web site that a series 2 version of the Sasha will be shipping next month. Here the link:

Well, it looks like a whole bunch of obsolete and useless Wilson Sasha series 1 speakers will be listed for sale on A'gon. Let me be the first to offer $100 for a used pair of Sasha speakers (9 out of 10) condition. Seller to pay shipping.

:) Just kidding. Hope you guys get your investment back.

I just looked up you ironic.....your heavily invested in ARC !!!!!!!
Samhar ... just looked up your system. Gorgeous system and gorgeous room. Just love the back wall.

Did you use sound treatments for your room? My wife has given me permission to "refresh" the decor in my basement/soundroom, e.g., paint, new sofa, etc. Looking for some decorative ways to tame thye nodes in my room.
Dave must have been back to the Musikverein again. I would expect that this newfound knowledge will result in upgrades to the entire line within the year.
The Sasha 2 speakers pretty much look like the Wilson Alexia speakers, except the Sasha 2 speakers uses two 8 inch woofers, where the Wilson Alexia speakers use a 10 inch woofer and a 8 inch woofer.

Also the Sasha speakers use a Focal tweeter, where the Sasha 2 speakers use a Scanspeak tweeter.
Here's a pic of the Sasha 2 speakers.