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Has anyone auditioned Prana Fidelity speakers?
These Steve Norber speakers look nice using Focal W Cone drivers and Ceramic tweeter. 
Tandberg tape decks
Here is some info from another forum on the differences in 3014-3014A decks:"If the literature Tandberg produced is accurate, there are considerable differences between the two. When they applied the design changes is probably harder to pinpoint a... 
Tandberg tape decks
Jlhopes to answer your question.I see a Tandberg 3014 selling on Ebay now for 2500$.This is one of the early ones (3014 without "A") 
Who can service Bedini amps?
Dracule1 this is great. Did Jon answer the phone at that Energenx he works at. 
Vintage DACs. Do they hold up over time?
Melbguy1, the Vimak definitely holds up.This year on Ebay someone was selling the Vimak Audio DT-1000 Transport & DS-1800 DAC for 2900$ This same guy is ... 
Are DACs superior to top-graded regular CD Players
Melbguy1, do you know anyone that still modifies the JVC XL-Z1050 cd player?Terrence Robinson used to do but he doesn't anymore.Stan Warren did, but his number has been out of order for a few years. 
Who can service Bedini amps?
John Bedini’s has a company called Energenx. They are located in Idaho at 208 – 772 – 3303.Bedini still fixes the amp you have.Give him a call. 
Esoteric or CEC cd-transport
The best guy for modifying CEC transports is lampizator.Just read how he modified the CEC TL-1X transport. Lampizator said the CEC TL-1X after his mods were the best transport he's ever heard and he's heard tons of transports and CD players. http:... 
Dynaudio c4 signature & c4 platinum difference
These C4 signature speakers look gorgeous. 
Dynaudio c4 signature & c4 platinum difference
Dreamauduio when you get the C4 Sig's, tell us how you like them? 
Speaker repair near NYC
Another thread about this.Repairs by "High Tech Electronics" in NYC 
Dynaudio c4 signature & c4 platinum difference
From what i read, the crossover is different.Dynaudio used a different crossover on the C4 signatures then the regular C4 speakers.Also the speaker cabinet on the C4 signatures are in a gloss color.I haven't heard the new Signature C4's, but i did... 
Dunlavy SC4 Speakers
RJA, how do you like the bass on the Dunlavy 1VA compared to the Dunlavy 1V speakers? 
Maker Audio NL14 and NL14+...
Zephyr24069 are the NL14+ amps based on the Edge NL Signature One Mono Amplifiers.My friend has the Edge NL Signature one amps.He's using a Mark Levinson 380 preamp, Sony SCD-1 CD SACD player modified by Richard Kern and JM Lab Mezzo Utopia speake... 
Can anyone tell me the age of Rotel amps?
Do you have a model number of the Rotel amp you want to know the year it came out?Or just Google Rotel Amp and click on Images and the top to see all the Rotel amps over the years.That why you should know what amp your talking about and get the mo...