Newbie here again with a follow up Speaker question

Hi guys.  I just thought I would ask a follow up question regarding speakers.  Most of you have suggested Electrostaic Quads for my tube set up I have put together.  I am sure they are awesome but they are harder to find and still pricey (although I know you get what you pay for}  I am not opposed to it but would like to keep the price down if performance does not lack much.  I have looked at a couple alternatives although I know they are probably not in the same class as the Quads.  I just want the most bang for my buck as most people do.  Once again, here is my set up...

Avid Acutus turntable
McIntosh MC 275 IV tube amp
Mcintosh C2200 tube pre amp
Mcintosh MCD 550 cd player

The links for what I found so far that I think that would work best with my tube and turntable set up.  Please correct me if I am WAY off.

Please let me know if there is something else I should consider.  Thank you as always guys.  Such a great community here.  Love it.
Two thumbs up for the DeVore Gibbon 8! Truly excellent floor-standers - and USA-made (Brooklyn, NY) in limited-quantity by John DeVore! And listed at a very fair price, too! If I didn't already have so many speakers I'd be buying these myself!
I can think of two interesting alternatives to the Quad electrostats:
1 cheaper Martin Logan electrostats.
2 Harbeth. I have the P3ESR in my study, and these are the only dynamic speakers I heard that come close to the Quads in uncoloured clarity and spatial representation. The bigger models share the same sound, but only bigger.
fishisgod ...

Check these two speakers out ... for sale right now on Audiogon. These are very efficient speakers. Tonally correct ... and they LOVE tube electronics:

Click on my icon, then double click on the picture and you’ll see my Signature III’s in all of their glory.

By the way, I used to be a huge electrostatic guy until I heard these speakers. They run circles around the Acoustat IV's and Martin Logan Aries speakers I used to have.

Ok....I think I found some decent speakers to go with my tube set up McIntosh 275 IV, Mcintosh C2200 and Avid Acutus Turntable.  Can anyone out there vouch for Totem Acoustic Forest or know anything about the???  Thanks