Newbie Looking for Advice on Streaming Music

Hello Audiogon world.

I am new to this hobby but I think it will suit me well as it looks like it is an endless pursuit of perfection of sound without ever really getting there.  I love the endless possibilities, difference in thought, technology driven aspect mixed with old school art.

I am in the process of building my first 2 channel set up and recently picked up a Primaluna Dialogue HP and a pair of Sonus Faber Chameleons for starters.

Im looking to stream music from Tidal to the new equipment as simple as possible without compromising sound as much as I possibly can (budget permitting of course)

I have been doing some research and I must say this part of the equation is rather confusing with a lot of technical speak that gets brought into the discussion which is a bit overwhelming for a newbie trying to soak it all in.

Do I need to purchase a high quality DAC?
Can I just buy a streaming box like the Paradigm PW Link or Def Tech W Adapt and hook it into the Primaluna?
Do I go with the Halide Design DAC HD D/A Converter from computer straight into Primaluna?
I also read about the wyred4sound modified Sonos Connect.  Does that plus into a DAC or straight into Amp?

Apologies for all the newbie questions.  I did try searching and doing some research but found myself getting confused.  If someone could help me clear up what I will need that will set me on the path to researching the best value for my budget for each component I will need to accomplish my goals of streaming my music from Tidal.

Thanks in advance.  I think this will be a fun hobby!


I personally think MQA is bogus, but if others prefer to believe otherwise that is up to them. Similarly I do not believe streamers themselves make much of a sonic contribution, if any. If there is one, it is in the DAC. For 16/44 all I can say that that is really not a serious challenge anymore for remotely decent DAC chip sets. So as long as streaming Tidal etc is only 16/44 there is little point in worrying too much.
For most people a DAC with variable ouput is a great pre amplifier, unless you insist on an analogue input (but for those there is e.g. the Marantz HD DAC1, plus of course the Benchmark DAC3 in a different price bracket).
@audioengr Hi Steve I was looking at the Synchromesh on your site and I think I am reading this right. There is an option for an output that down-samples to 16/44.1 correct? My DAC just does redbook and I have issues when inadvertently streaming MQA albums through Tidal so if that is in fact the case I would fine that very useful. Thanks! If relevant streamer is an Auralic Aries Mini to an Audio Note DAC-3 signature.
Lumin d1 or d2.

airplay + MQA + balanced

not it an external dac though.  

 Buy it and you’ll probably never upgrade. 

Few thousand though
Hello Don Blackie  a great streamer eith excellent  dual dac Wolfsons best dacs in the Lumin  D-1 , the New  D2 has a built in power supply , the D1 allows you to buy a seperste Linear power supply of your choice .
Which I did and is a Huge improvement across the board , better fuses,and power cord  Mike st audio Archon very helpful
Even after the sale which is Very helpful when learning the 
Excellent Lumin app. For under $2-k  without the upgrades  and still sounds very good  Analog sound comes to mind, and has Room, as well as Tidal with MQA- high res capabilities.
Quick Question to all "in the know".
Since yesterday I am using $35 Google Chromecast dongle to stream Tidal from iPad or Win7 into my Naim Audio stereo. Once I get mini-Toslink cable, I will use Wadia 781i as a DAC. 
Any comments on the benefits of getting more expensive "streamer" (I am more than happy with Wadia's DAC!) will be considered. Million Thanks!!