newbie question re: CD transport & streamer upgrade for multiroom

My office system (Kef LS50s and Creek Evo100a integrated w/ Ruby DAC module) has a chromecast audio & an old pioneer DVD player being used as a CD transport. Both are connected via their optical digital outputs through the Creek's Ruby DAC. As I've expanded audio systems to other rooms of the house and upgraded the receiver in the living room, I'm now interested in integrating this setup into multi-room playback. Problem is that chromecast audios are no longer available and the living room receiver doesn't have chromecast built-in. I could pick one up off eBay for the living room, but as I expand into more rooms that will become increasingly difficult so I'm considering switching the digital front-end in the office instead.

If it's relevant, the master bedroom will be using a Naim Muso2 and the living room has a marantz Sr7012. My kid wants a Muso qb or similar for christmas and the basement family space and kitchen are still TBD. I stream mostly via Spotify but also via amazon music and airplay2 from an iPad and MacBook.

If I plan to continue using the Ruby DAC rather than any built-in DACs from the new office components, is there any sound quality advantage in getting a new CD transport (considering a cambridge audio CXC but happy to hear suggestions) or will the sound quality be unchanged? Same general question regarding whether a Node 2i or cambridge audio CXN will have any sound quality improvements compared to the chromecast or is the only benefit that of improved functionality and a different control app? Just trying to know what to expect so I won't be disappointed if all the 1s & 0s sound exactly the same as before and to avoid throwing money at a new CD transport I may not need.

I figure I can buy several chromecast audios for the price of either of these components if the office setup I use most is going to sound exactly the same. It seems like the main difference for streamers is file compatibility options and the built-in DACs, but again digital is all greek to me.  Also, can the node 2i &/or CXN be used to cast music from the office record player and CD player to the other rooms connected in multi-room?  Thanks in advance.