Newburgh, New York

Are there any members who are interested in forming an Audio club or getting together informally close to Newburgh, New York?
I use to live in Wallkill years ago. If I were still up there Id love that!

Signed...Moved to Atlanta with regrets.
Hello, I am a bit north of you(Albany) however I am in the Newburgh area from time to time and there are others in your area- even more a bit further south. There is a small group of us that get together from time to time, I must warn you we are all out of our minds and really don't understand those who are not like us :^) If you head into westchester county there's a lot of activity though no one seems to be able to organize a damn thing. I've found that meeting a few people who share your interest in your area is plenty, its just nice to have someone who "understands". The group(there really is only 3-4 of us) get together from time to time but usually in Cortlandt Manor and music is there and its enjoyed but I go for the friendship and good times- I suspect the others are there for the same reason.

The organized clubs seem to lose members quickly, we all live hectic lives and its hard to make commitments. If you want to discuss anything further send me an email.
Hi. I too live a bit North of Albany ( Latham ) and travel to Newburgh on business often. I am a certifiable audionut and interested im meetings and hifi events. Thanks.
I'm in !! ... Live in New Windsor adjacent to Newburgh... Struggeling piano player... Struggeling drummer... enjoy this new Hi-Fi hobby..... Would like to hear other opinions on sound systems...
ill be there
middletown ny here
I have been struggling with my audio addicition for 40 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bob 845 238 8038
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