newest vs older dac

Are all the new dacs such as bel canto dac2 superior (better sounding) to
older popular ones with improved jitter and upsampling?
It's hard to say, I'd say it would be more of a case by case basis, ie...if you really like the sound of a certain DAC, and what that sound brings to your system...old or new is a non issue.

My old Counterpoint DAC and Kinergetics transport (circa 1992 or so) sound every bit as good as two $3,000 cd players I've owned (at least to my ear).

So, I guess I'd say...on a low-mid level budget, no...newer is not always better. I would expect that the new top level ($$$) DAC's are indeed better in every way ...just like the old DAC's were in their day.

older dacs rule, especially some of the older tube dacs.

the problem is partly 24/192. too much reolution is not the solution.

older dacs may seem by comparison to sound "less detailed", but they are easier to tolerate over longer periods of time.
I can see the charm and quality in older gear but any type of DAC will go out of date faster then other equipment.