Next upgrade?

Dear all,

In the pursue of the best possible sound - given a limited budget! - I am constantly thinking about the next upgrade (or mod) to my system. I’m sure I am not alone...

Right now I have the following :

- Monitor Audio Golden Reference 60 Speakers

- Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated Amp

- Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport

- Border Patrol SE-i DAC

I like the system a lot, but I wonder what can I do next (excluding cables or power supply). What would be the place where I can get the most improvement from an (second hand) upgrade?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions!



@diezahlen ​​​​@hilde45  I assume REW calculates the digital filter to equalize the room. In my setup however I have no way to implement that. Or, how do you go about making changes to the room based on the measurements? Thanks!

REW can do many things. I use it to gauge where the frequencies are too high or missing and to gauge reflections. I don't hook it into a system as an equalizer or correction tool. 




@asvjerry @jjss49  very good questions. Problem is that I don’t know what my end goal is because I don’t have any memory of other systems I have heard in past. I can only use my current system as reference and discern why and how I like the results of changes on the same system. 

use REW to report the full range audio spectrum. This could be a good reference when you move the speakers around and decide the toe in angle.

To find the best performance of the existing equipment is a must before upgrade.

@sounasega ...Hmmm, I see your point...and what your concern may be.
If one doesn't discern an issue or a fault, it could cause a 'pause' as to 'what's Next to pursue and where to go with it all'....

Having 'grown up' (which some may argue That point *L*) with everything from a 'record player w/detachable speakers' to various collections of various components that varied from questionable quality to some 'nice' stuff....and listening to parents' polka music and Crosby, Sinatra. 'show tunes'....and Spike Jones for grins Then.

Coming of age in the '60s'>'70s' in SoCA, hairline buzzed, everything from Mitch Miller 'sing-alongs', jazz of the time, 'bubblegum' music, surf tunes, Zappa, The Fugs, symphonic, classical, at all manner of dB levels on various types of equipment, 'live' piano, outdoor and indoor concerts of everything from Bluegrass through The Dead to 'parody spoofs' of classical with PDQ Bach.... Lately, EDM, Fat Boy Slim, and 'acceptable/accessible' rapping....*sigh*

Most would say my taste is Toast. *LOL* 
That, and creating a 'run-on' sentence that basically verifies that.... ;)

I've developed for my own a-muse-ment an opinion of How and in what fashion and means employed to 'get There'.

hilde45 is correct, REW is not a way to Listen with; it's more of a testing app to determine how your system responds, source through speakers in the space you listen within.  A 'this is what Is' tool, the baseline of the total employed.

Granted, the laptop/desktop employed with a calibrated mic and the audio program/board onboard will 'have its' own input' as to the results you get.
But, it's a 'jumping off point' that can weigh in on wtf is going on.

I like basically to listen 'flat response' in the space; an inline eq, whether through my puter or any one (or more) of outboard eq's.
I've 2 programs and 4 outboard 'stand-alones', + 3 versions of outboard crossovers on hand.  But, when not Listening for just the sheer enjoyment of what I'm playing to enjoy self, I'm diy-ing omni speakers of a favorite variety and trying to keep a handle on what they're doing vs. how I've made them do it.

*G* There's more versions of 'esoterica' before one tweeks with cables, fuses, and elevating the speaker cables than you can shake a tonearm at....;) *L*

To shorten a long riff on it all....I attempt to make it sound like IRL, 'Live'.

As I remember it to be. as I think it should or can strive to be.

Your quest is just as valid as mine....or anyone else's in that matter.

Enjoy it, and enjoy where you are...'Be Here Now', as we used to say. *S*

Good luck, happy trails 'n trials. J