Nice Warm AC cord for a PLC

Hi everyone. Its been a lotta fun reading thru Audiogon and hearing about your experiences with your equipment. It sure helps in making decisions in trying new stereo stuff.

I'm looking for your experiences regarding power cords in line conditioners. I have a VansEvers Model 83 PLC. I absolutely love it! It makes my system sound wonderful (to my ears). I'd like to substitute the VansEvers cord with a bigger, fatter, juicier one, hopefully with a WARM sound.

Any suggestions? Thanks for reading this!
ML>Forgive my ad. I have a E.S.P. "Essence" pc for sale that has a big, fat juicey and warm sound. MikE
I also use VansEvers line conditioners in my system. I have tried many different cords but have not come up with one that is particularly "warm" sounding. After going through the Synergistic Research and Shunyata lines, I plugged a BMI Whale from the wall into the what a great cord. They are very neutral, deliver excellent bass response, enhance detail, and open up the soundstage. Several of my components are tubed and deliver a warm sound anyway so all I wanted was a power cord that did not change the way the system sounded, just enhance it. In my experience, I have found that power cords with Leviton plugs tend to be more neutral and maybe a bit warmer than most others I've heard. Gold plugs like the Wattgates appear to be a little bright and somewhat forward sounding (in my system anyway). Maybe others have found a warm power cord that might fit your needs but the Whale is unbelievable with the VansEvers line conditioners and I give them my very highest recommendation. Best of luck in your search...
Try one of the Luxor power cords as it should be right up our alley. Size / gauge is directly related to wallet thickness. They sound quite warm and everything seems to come from "utter blackness". Sean